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Since 1976, Paul M. Deutsch & Associates, P.A., has been a leader in the field of Life Care Planning, education, research and rehabilitation services. Our years of experience in working with individuals who have sustained trauma resulting in such catastrophic damage as, spinal cord injury, brain injury, birth injury such as cerebral palsy, amputations, burns or chronic pain represent just a few of the areas of disability where our expertise can be a critical part of the rehabilitation or consultation process.

Paul M. Deutsch & Associates, P.A., applies the same level of expertise to cases involving non-catastrophic injuries such as chronic back pain, knee injuries, hip impairments and other orthopedic injuries. Visual impairments, hearing impairments, and a wide range of other disabilities make up our experience. Dr. Deutsch and his professional staff have also produced numerous publications and research articles totaling over twelve volumes and eighty-five peer reviewed articles and chapters in other texts. Recent chapters include an updated Introduction to Life Care Planning and Research Design and Statistics: A Practical Guide to Reading Research Literature and Practice Guidelines. Recent articles have appeared in Topics in Spinal Cord Injury and the Journal of Life Care Planning. It is our goal to conduct current research relative to the fields of rehabilitation and life care planning which contribute to the foundation of knowledge within these professional domains.

Currently Deutsch’s Guide to Life Care Planning and Disability Management, a new four-volume, 5,000 page treatise on disability and Life Care Planning is underway.  With it’s senior editors, editorial board, advisory board members and over eighty contributors it is anticipated to be the seminal work on disability analysis and long term planning.  Due out at the end of 2009 to early 2010 it will help set the standards in Life Care Planning as well as refocus attention on many of the professional standards already in place.  This multi-volume text will replace A Guide to Rehabilitation, retired in 2007.

Through the development of a comprehensive Life Care Plan, a clear, concise, and sensible presentation of the complex requirements of the patient are identified. This provides documentation of the current and future medical and rehabilitation needs of the patient. This is accomplished through a comprehensive assessment, data analysis, and research regarding the disability and accompanied by standards of practice that results in "an organized, concise plan for current and future needs with associated costs for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic health care needs”. (International Academy of Life Care Planners, confirmed by consensus during the 2000 Life Care Planning Summit).

In addition to Life Care Planning, Paul M. Deutsch & Associates, P.A., provides various services to meet our client’s specific needs. These include individual and family counseling services, vocational analysis, as well as education and research. For more information about these services visit the rehabilitation services and frequently asked questions areas of our web site.

A sample Life Care Plan explains the significance of each component of the document. Online forms can be downloaded, completed, and returned to our office prior to an evaluation. Contact Information with a map, directions, and list of area accommodations is also provided. Our list of suggested links contains valuable resources for advanced training, publication outlets, and professional organizations.

Paul M. Deutsch & Associates, P.A., is located near Orlando, Florida and accepts referrals throughout the United States and abroad. We invite you to explore the sources available on this website and to contact us for additional information about our range of services, and our fee structure. It requires many hours to complete a Life Care Plan using the process identified in this web site so the fee structure designed by this office caps fees in an effort to allow the referral source to budget more effectively.


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