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Mr. Tremp has years of experience working with all aspects of disabling problems including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputations, severe burns, and etcetera.

Curriculum Vitae


M.A.      Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling, University of Arizona, 2004.

        Internship: Arizona Department of Economic Security, Rehabilitation Services Administration,
        Phoenix, Arizona, 2004 - 2005

        Scholarship to enhance quality of services delivered to persons with disabilities seeking
        vocational rehabilitation and counseling funded by the Arizona Department of Economic
        Security and U.S. Department of Education.

B. A.      Interdisciplinary Studies and Social Science, Human Resources and Society, Michigan State
        University, 2002.


Licensed Associate Counselor, Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners, #314188

Provisional Mental Health Counselor, Florida Department of Health, #989 (expired)

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, #73783

Certified Life Care Planner, Commission on Health Care Certification, #0954


Deutsch-Tremp & Associates, Florida, Arizona, Michigan

Partner: DRS & & Associates, Buffalo, NY

      Life Care Planning:

    • Develop comprehensive and needs-driven-Life Care Plans. Identify acute, short-term, long-term, medical care and rehabilitation needs of individuals secondary to disability, consistent with the definition of Life Care Planning developed by the International Academy of Life Care Planners and approved at the 2000 Life Care Planning Summit.
    • Clearly communicate future care needs and the effects of patient-specific-disability characteristics to all parties involved.
    • Utilize a Team-Approach to provide a thoroughly researched plan based upon medical, case management, rehabilitation and psychological foundations.

    • Earning Capacity Evaluations:

    • Pediatric and Adult earning capacity opinions provided on a pre and post-injury basis.
    • Evaluate ability to work and earn wages in the competitive labor market while considering background, age, training, skills, aptitudes, interest profile, access to the labor market and placeability.
    • For pediatric cases, the vocational development of the child is determined relative to the occupational history of parents/family members, educational records and standardized test results to determine vocational development potential

Arizona Vocational Consulting and Professional Services, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona (2012 - 2014)

    • Retained in cases requiring the development of a Life Care Plan specifying future care needs and rehabilitation.
    • Vocational Rehabilitation/Rehabilitation Consultation and Expert Witness, Circuit Court and Federal Cases. Render expert opinions in cases related to personal injury, workers' compensation, employment law, family law, medical malpractice, and product liability.
    • Develop vocational rehabilitation reports rendering opinions in cases related to any alteration of earning capacity.
    • Administer, score and interpret comprehensive testing batteries, including but not limited to verbal and performance aptitude, vocational interests, manual dexterity and personality characteristics.

Career Consultants of America, Inc., Michael Shahnasarian, PhD. Tampa, Florida (2009 - 2012)

    • Assist with vocational counseling, assessment, and research services in a private practice specializing in vocational rehabilitation and life care planning (adult and pediatric). Assist with vocational research and support relating to labor market research. Specific responsibilities include:
    • Assist with earning capacity analyses and developed Life Care Plans for persons with disabilities.
    • Administered standardized psychological, vocational and educational tests.
    • Consulted with health care providers, family members, employers and other parties to assess disability-related employment issues.

Vocational Diagnostics, Inc., Robert H. Taylor, MA, CRC, CLCP, LPC Phoenix, Arizona (2007 - 2009)

    • Assessed loss of earning capacity claims and future care needs following onset of physical and/or mental disability.
    • Provided vocational research support and opinion related to, earning capacity analyses, labor market research and Life Care Planning for persons with disabilities.
    • Provided assessment of vocational potential and aptitude, vocational rehabilitation counseling, vocational testing and evaluation.
    • Provided rehabilitation/vocational guidance for adolescents, students and adults with disabilities.
    • Consulted with medical providers, family members, employers, attorneys and all other pertinent parties with regard to post injury planning.
    • Provided rehabilitation counseling to persons with disabilities.

Value Options, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona (2004 - 2007)

    • Provided clinical leadership and oversight of service delivery to consumers receiving disability services; responsible and accountable for ensuring consumer's behavioral health needs and disability needs were met.
    • Provided written vocational rehabilitation reports. Administered and interpreted vocational testing batteries.
    • Provided supervision to a team of case managers providing direct services to persons with severe mental illness (SMI).
    • Worked with the treatment team (including patients, family members, community providers, psychiatrist, nursing staff, psychologist, case managers, and others) to assess needs and implement individualized plans of care and services.
    • Interviewed consumers and family members to develop individual service plans (ISP's) and assessments (comprehensive treatment plans displaying consumers projected needs and services, as well as goal statements).
    • Provided counseling to consumers with serious mental illness.
    • Administered vocational testing batteries and interpreted results.

Department of Economic Security, Phoenix, Arizona (2001 - 2004)

    • Managed general caseload of persons with disabilities receiving vocational counseling services.
    • Developed Individualized Plans for Employment (IPE/IWRP) detailing needs to ensure proper rehabilitation services. Applied knowledge of Federal and State laws, statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to provision of vocational rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities.
    • Applied principles and practices of vocational rehabilitation and independent living; analyzed functional limitations imposed by a variety of disabling conditions; utilized resources available in the community and integration of services.
    • Provided supportive counseling techniques to enhance client's understanding of their disability; analyzed qualifications and requirements for a wide range of occupations and labor market trends applicable to the community.
    • Interviewed and counseled consumers to elicit and provide information; resolve problems; motivate and achieve predicted outcomes while protecting confidentiality and the rights of the individual.
    • Performed medical, psychological and vocational data analysis for evaluation and interpretation as it impacted potential employment and or independent living. Provide supervision of case managers and support staff.
    • Administered and interpreted vocational testing batteries.

Professional Recognition:

    • Leadership Award, Development of alternative finances and grant writing proposals for the Trilateral Partnership for the Development of Community Rehabilitation and Studies, Hermosillo Mexico, University of San Diego, Universidad de Sonora, Universidad del Noreste, University of Arizona.


Life Care Planning Education & Research Vocational Analysis