About Paul M Deutsch & Associates, P.A.

Paul M. Deutsch began the practice of Paul M. Deutsch and Associates on June 1, 1976. This private practice has continued uninterrupted for 32 years providing a range of consulting and rehabilitation services. Please feel free to click on any of the following links to any of these highlights in our history and services.

Life Care Planning

While maintaining a private practice in rehabilitation counseling and mental health counseling for the severely disabled, Dr. Deutsch also began researching the basic concepts of life care planning in the mid 1970's. He was the first to establish the basic standards, principles, tenets and methodologies of life care planning and was the first to publish on life care planning in the 1981 text, Damages in Tort Actions, published by Matthew Bender. Volumes 9 and 10 of this text (now volumes 9, 10, and 11 as published by Lexus Nexus, 2005) were edited by Drs. Paul Deutsch and Frederick Raffa. The specialty of life care planning was later extended to the medical and health-related professions in 1985 with the release of the text, A Guide to Rehabilitation, published by Mathew Bender. Tthis text was published by AHAB Press from 1995 until it was retired in 2007. Currently Deutsch's Guide to Life Care Planning and Disability Management, a new four-volume, 5,000 page treatise on disability and Life Care Planning is underway. With it's senior editors, editorial board, advisory board members and over eighty contributors it is anticipated to be the seminal work on disability analysis and long term planning. Due out at the end of 2009 to early 2010 it will help set the standards in Life Care Planning as well as refocus attention on many of the professional standards already in place.

Dr. Deutsch, Julie Kitchen and the staff of Paul M. Deutsch & Associates have spent twenty-five years researching the principles of life care planning and the medical, psychological, and rehabilitation outcomes of each of the permanent disabilities listed in the American Medical Associations Guide to The Evaluation of Permanent Impairments. The results of this work can be found in over twelve volumes and more than one hundred fifteen peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters appearing in texts produced by Dr. Deutsch, Ms. Kitchen and various staff members.



Research efforts have continued to focus on developing and refining the reliability and validity of the life care planning process. In recent years this focus has been on improving the manner in which the case management, medical, and psychological foundations for the plan are established. For example, more effective use of the medical records improved steps in documenting work with the medical and health-related professional treatment team. Use of clinical practice guidelines, research literature, and effective collaboration with consulting physicians are all used to document recommendations while establishing the necessary foundation for the life care plan.

In 1993, Dr. Deutsch was presented with the "Rehabilitation Educator of the Year" award by the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals. This was based on the many workshops, lectures, research publications, and texts regarding life care planning and outcomes in catastrophic disability, that have been accomplished by Dr. Deutsch.

In 2003, Dr. Deutsch was given a "Lifetime Achievement Award.” This honor was conferred, "In recognition of [his] dedication and countless contributions to the field of Life Care Planning." The award was presented at the International Conference of Life Care Planners by The International Academy of Life Care Planners, The University of Florida, Virginia Commonwealth University, Kaplan University, The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, and The National Rehabilitation Association who were sponsors of the international conference.

Paul M. Deutsch & Associates continues to work closely with the Foundation for Life Care Planning Research on projects designed to explore the reliability and validity of the life care planning process.


Brain Injury Rehabilitation

In 1983, Dr. Deutsch joined forces with Dr. Norman Plovnick, a neuropsychologist, to develop The Head Injury Rehabilitation Center. As Co-Director of this treatment program for patients with brain injury, the opportunity was presented to develop state-of-the-art treatment techniques. In addition to treatment research, publication continued to be a foundation of the Paul M. Deutsch & Associates approach. Dr. Deutsch joined with Dr. Kathleen Fralish of the Center for Comprehensive Services to develop the multi-volume text, Innovations in Head Injury Rehabilitation. Traveling to the Soviet Union, he began working with researchers in the laboratory of Alexander Romanovich Luria. These researchers contributed to the text and throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's continued to work with Dr. Deutsch in research at the First Moscow Medical Center.


Brain Injury Supported Living Program

Orlando Regional Medical Center eventually bought The Head Injury Rehabilitation Center and it became the outpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, which still operates today at Sand Lake Hospital in Orlando. These funds were used to develop Fairview Shores which was a long-term supported living facility with an associated long-term supported work program. These patients were provided long-term care, psychological and behavioral programs, social skill groups, supported work, and job coaching. This program was sold in 1996 and continues to operate in Orlando today.

Throughout the time that Dr. Deutsch and the staff of Paul M. Deutsch & Associates were involved with both the Center for Rehabilitation and later the Brain Injury programs, the private practice continued to operate full-time. Extensive experience with catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries has developed over the 33 years of the private practice and the 37 years of Dr. Deutsch's work experience. In particular, Dr. Deutsch had many opportunities to apply his doctoral sub-specialization in spinal cord injuries in his life care planning practice. This experience was developed in both hands-on case management and consultation in litigation related to life care planning.


Chronic Pain Management Program

While continuing to maintain a private practice and research program in the 1970's, Dr. Deutsch joined a clinical psychologist and an orthopedic surgeon to open the Center for Rehabilitation. This center focused on the treatment of chronic pain and provided the staff of Paul M. Deutsch & Associates with comprehensive experience in the hands-on treatment of patients with chronic pain. This experience continued for approximately four years.


Software and Curriculum Development

Over the years, additional aspects of the practice included software development, teaching, curriculum development, and new avenues of research. Although these have been a long-standing part of the practice, only our current involvement in these areas will be presented below.

For a number of years the practice has worked with Dr. Roger Ray in the development of a software program for distance education. This basic program, known as Media Matrix, is now in its third generation of development.

Currently, both Dr. Deutsch and Sara Cimino-Ferguson teach the Life Care Planning Certificate Program offered by Kaplan University’s Health Care Pathways division. In addition, Dr. Deutsch and Julie Kitchen teach for the University of Florida certificate program in Life Care Planning. Ms. Kitchen and Dr. Deutsch are regular presenters at programs throughout the United States and Europe on Life Care Planning and Catastrophic Disabilities. Dr. Deutsch holds courtesy faculty status with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation at the University of Florida and is a Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Rehabilitation Counseling.

Paul M. Deutsch & Associates is also responsible for the recent update of the life care planning curriculum for the University of Florida certificate program. We led the team in the development of Kaplan University’s Life Care Planning Certificate Program, their Case Management program, and their Geriatric Care Management curriculum. All of these educational programs are updated on a regular basis by Paul M. Deutsch & Associates.

Dr. Deutsch and the staff of Paul M. Deutsch & Associates continue to dedicate themselves to research, the provision of direct patient services, consultation, and practicing cutting-edge, evidence-based life care planning techniques. Most importantly, we are committed to sharing this research and these developments with all professionals within this specialty area of practice and with those interested in life care planning.


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