IX. Familial or Caregiver Support

Familial or caregiver support plays an intricate part in the ultimate success of any transplant.  Close adherence to the pre and post transplant regimens, are a decisive factor in the ultimate success of the graft.  The availability of support from a primary care giver is one of the major criteria for acceptance as a transplant candidate.  The primary care giver is provided with abundant education during the pre and post transplant services provided to their family member.  This is a very stressful time for the family, as well as the patient.  It is imperative that consideration be given to providing the family with psychological support and qualified respite care, in order to prevent burn out during the arduous transplant process. 

Additional considerations need to be made in assessing the overall cost of transplantation.  The cost of the primary care givers transportation to and from the transplant center and the housing and living costs during their stay.  Family housing is usually supplied at a nominal rate, by the transplant center.  Also, if the family member is employed and they are experiencing a loss of income due to their need to be with the patient, this should be taken into consideration.



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